Applying to a residence? Great!

Personality surveys benefit tenants!

Increased fairness

In a fair competition, the person most likely to be the best tenant would be offered the unit. Personality surveys help ensure decisions are based on valid criteria, treating all people equally regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, looks, or other factors that contaminate decisions.

Better neighbors

It's nice when a landlord is choosy about who lives around you. Our surveys include a measure of neighborliness and being conscientious about bothering neighbors (e.g., playing music too loud, having late-night parties). That's a good thing when you are the one who has to live next to the person!

Common Questions

We've compiled a list of the most common questions and answers below. You can also view our Privacy Policy.

Results are used for 4 purposes:

  1. Landlords use the results to make a decision on which applicants to accept as tenants.
  2. We use results to continually monitor and update our products. This is part of our ongoing efforts to (a) improve the ability of our personality survey to predict tenant quality, and (b) continually monitor our materials to ensure that they do not discriminate on the bases of age, ethnicity, gender, and other protected classes.
  3. We use results to calculate normative information. In other words, we monitor trends in how people respond. These results are calculated on an aggregate level and contain no personally-identifying information.
  4. To answer important research questions, such as what are the best predictors of desirable and undesirable tenant behaviors. When analyzing or presenting data for research, results are calculated on an aggregate level and contain no personally-identifying information.

We take great efforts to protect the security and anonymity of information. These efforts include:

  • Encrypting sessions when any information is collected.
  • Hosting our servers in a high-security facility with strict access controls.
  • Encypting identifying information and storing it separately from responses
  • Deleting identifying information after 2 years, making your responses completely anonymous. No one (not even us!) can track your information after that.

Showing people their results would compromise the security of the assessment and its items, eventually eroding usefulness. This is the same reason that results are not typically shared with employees who take pre-employment questionnaires.

Yes. Surveys can be re-taken once every 3 months.

The full version takes an average of 18 minutes. The short form takes 13 minutes.

Yes. Responses are saved automatically to ensure that you will not lose data if you are unexpectedly interrupted.