Sample report

Here's an example of a personality report. Bars show the percentage of people who score less than the candidate. Green bars mean the score is above average. Orange means slightly below average. Red is far below average.

Hover over any score for more information or click on one to reveal additional details.

Below Average
Above Average

Overall score

Score is 650 (out of 900). 38% of people in the comparison group scored lower.

Summarizes all available information. When making an acceptance decision, we recommend focusing mostly on a person's overall score.


Personality-based evidence should always be combined with evidence from other sources (e.g., interviews, reference checks, credit checks) before making a final acceptance decision.



Candidness reflects how a person performed on our lie detector scale. The scale detects the degree to which a candidate attempted to present himself/herself as a desirable tenant.

What does a low score mean? Correct interpretation
  • Added caution is warranted
  • Scores may be overly positive
Incorrect interpretation
  • Dishonest person
  • Should be rejected
Response consistency

A measure of careful responding. Values below .7 indicate that the candidate may have responded randomly to some items. Added caution is warranted in interpreting results.

Minutes spent responding

Total number of minutes the candidate spent responding, not counting long breaks.

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